Thursday, January 12, 2006

Microsoft outshines Google

This is not stargazing but the latest from the web. Windows Live, a whole array of next generation web based services provides you a whole new dimenssion. People from Mountain View have introduced this Information world with one of the most happening technologies, AJAX, but it is the Redmond based King who have rediscovered this jargon.

There are many features in Windows Live that force Google to give second thoughts on its strategy of taking over much discoursed "Web 2.0". Few of them which you can easily notice at first vista are:
  • RSS feed folding
  • Ease of customising the arrangment
  • Much better weather forcasting
  • Fine template and language customisation
  • And above all, extremley fast responce which you might have never expirienced before.
A sweater aspect of this whole story lies in the beautiful search box that embeds the trademark logo, 'flying windows' inside it (I am still unable to understand that how did they manage this !!!!).
Not many days passed, when I was conversing with one of my good friends and I told him that in the year of 2005, larger number of bugs were discovered with Linux systems than that in counterpart Windows Software. He replied that, "what work does MS have other than bug fixing !". This is for him !!!

And last but not the least, this is not the end from the side of Redmond giant, the next inovations in the series are Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger, ............................... and the list goes on.

So, folks hold your breadths and wait because the revolution is taking place and belive me,

Even the Gods will be watching !!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

It is for the first time that I am using this site for blogging. These days are going really hectic as involved in simultaneous projects.
But enjoying life as well.